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Gabe Campana - Mayor of Williamsport Mayor Gabriel Campana

"Williamsport, a proud past,
a promising future."

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City of Williamsport
Williamsport City Hall
245 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

Ordinance Reports

The codified ordinances are updated at the beginning of the year and contain all applicable ordinances passed from the previous year. Below are links to the codification along with a link to search other municipalities ordinances. Ordinances that have not yet been codified can be found below under the heading "Ordinances Not Yet Codified".

codified ordinances updated

Codified Ordinances of the City of Williamsport

ordinances not yet codified

6158 1526-09 Transfer Ordinance Download 1/7/2010
6159 1527-10 Approving the Editing and Inclusion of Certain Ordinance as Parts of the Various Component Codes of the Codified Ordinances of Williamsport, Pennsylvania Download 3/5/2010
6160 1528-10 Vacation of a Portion of Mosser Avenue Download 4/5/2010
6161 1529-10 Authorizing the Issuance of a General Obligation Note, Series of 2010, in the Maximum Principal Amount of $5,000,000 Download 4/5/2010
7645 Agreement for Legal Services with Solicitor Download 4/14/2009
6217 Towing Ordinance Download 9/6/12
8153 Engineering Agreement for Levee Download 10/4/2012
6249 Transfer Ordinance Download
6253 Zoning Text on Flood Damage Control Download
6254 Amending fee schedule Download
6243 Williamsport Rental Ordinance Download
6255 Approving the Editing & Inclusion of Certain Ordinances - Cofification Download
6256 East Third Street Gateway Revitalization Advisory Commission Download
6257 An Ordinance Amending Article 185 Bowman Field Commission adding a City Council Representative Download May 1
6258 Amending Zoning Ordinance & Map of the City of Williamsport Download
6259 Civil Service Board Download
6261 Adopting 6 year capital projects budget for City of Williamsport - June 30, 2015 to June 30, 2020 Download
6260 Transfer ordinance Download
6262 Amending Article 522 Restricting Parking in Certain Residential/Institutional Areas Download
6263 Amending Stop Signs, Parking Signs Download
6243 Williamsport Rental Ordinance Download
6264 Transfer & Closing of 34th Year Community Development Block Grant Download
6265 Transfer Ordinance Download
6266 Ordinance Amending Traffic Change Download
6267 Forty-First Year 2015 Community Development Budget Download
6272 Setting Salaries for Mayor, Controller, Treasurer/Tax Collector until 2019 Download
6273 Repealing the Prohibit against Fire Arms in Brandon Park Download
6274 Codifying the Codified Ordinance of Williamsport PA 2014 Download
6268 Amending Article 117 General Fee Schedule Download
6269 Adopting Various Operating Budgets for City , General Fund, utility Funds, ligquid fuels, fund, capital project fund, city hall operating fund, wbt planning, unemployment compensation fund, debt service fund, trade & transit center & Act 13 Fund Download
6270 Ordinance fixing the tax rate for all City purposes for the Year 2015 Download
6271 Ordinance - Transfer Ordinance Download
6275 Ordinance Vacating Neece & Potter Sts. Download
6276 Amending an Ordinance of the City of Williamsport being Known as Council Bill #2868 establishing Stop Sign, Parking Signs, & Other Changes to the Traffic Code Download
6277 Ordinance Designating Office Thomas Hughes Lane Download
6278 Ordinance Designating Mayor Richard Carey Drive Download
6279 Ordinance Designating Mayor Stephen Lucasi Way Download
6280 Ordinance Amend & Closing of 35th Year 2009 CDBG Grant Funds Download
6281 Ordinance Amend & Close 36 CDBG Grant Funds Download
6282 Ordinance Amend & Close 37th CDBG Funds Download
6283 Six Year Capital Budget Download
6284 Amend & Transfer 38th Year (20112) Community Development Block Grant Funds Download
6285 Amend & Transfer 39th Year Community Development Block Grant Funds Download
6286 Amend & Transfer 40th year Community Development Block Grant Funds Download
6287 Amend & Transfer 41St Year Community Development Block Grant Fund Download
6288 Amending Article 117.04 Other Fees to Increase the Fee for Real Estate Tax Certification Download
6289 Ordinance 42 Year 2016 Community Development Block Grant Download
6290 An Ordinance Amending Article 117 General Fee Schedule Download
6291 An Ordinance Amending Article 149.09 Residency Requirements Removing Chief of Police from Residing within the City Download
6292 Ordinance Adopting Various Operating Budgets for the City Williamsort Download
6293 An Ordinance Fixing the Tax Rate for all City Purposes for the Year 2016 Download
6294 Ordinance to Borrow to Fund Unfunded Debt in the amount of %500,000 Download
6294 Ordinance Designating Carolyn Bullock Pass Download
6295 Ordinance Accepting Seda-Cog Joint Rail Authority -located in 11th Ward of City Download
6296 Ordinance Amending Recreation Ordinance, Article 183 Download
6297 Ordinance Amending Article 353 of the Codified Ordinances LERTA Download
6298 Ordinance Designating J. Marlyne Whaley Way Download
6299 Ordinance Approving Editing & Inclusion of Certain Ordinances as Parts of Various Component Codes of the Codified Ordinances of Williamsport, PA Download
6300 Ordinance Amending Article 199 of the Codified Ordinance East 3rd St. Gateway Download
6301 Amending Article 199 East Third St. Gateway Revitalization Download
6302 Ordinance Providing for Floodplain Regulations Download
6303 Amend & Close 2005 HOME Budget Download
6304 Amend & Close 2006 HOME Budget Download
6305 Amend & Close 2007 HOME Budget Download
6306 Amend & Close 2008 HOME budget Download
6307 Amend & Close 2009 HOME budget Download
6308 Ordinance Amend & Close 2010 Home Budget Download
6309 Ordinance Amend 2011 Home Budget Download
6310 Ordinance Amend & Transfer 2012 HOME Budget Download
6311 Ordinance Amend & Transfer 2013 HOME Budget Download
6312 Ordinance Amend & Transfer 2014 HOME Budget Download
6313 Ordinance Amend 2015 HOME Budget Download
6314 Ordinance Designating via Charles Cipolla MD Download
6315 Adopting a six year Capital Projects Budget for City for June 30, 2017 to June 30, 2022 Download
6316 Ordinance General Obligation Note Download
6317 Transfer Ordinance Download
6318 Act 13 Transfer Ordinance Download
6320 Ordinance Forty-Third Year 2017 Community Development Budget Download
6321 2017 City Operating Budget Download
6322 Ordinance Fixing 2017 Tax Rate Download
6323 An ordinance Amending Article 249.09 (Residency Requirements) Download
6325 Ordinance Amending Article 525 Towing, Impounding & Disposal of Abandoned Vehicles Download
6324 Ordinance - Bond Ordinance Download
6326 ordinance Naming Phil Preziosi Park Download
6328 Ordinance Amending Article 1311 & Article 1379 of the City of Williamsport Download
6329 Ordinance of the City of Williamsport, establishing Article 1122 Mobile Food Vendor of the Codified Ordinances Download
6328 An Ordinance authorizing & directing a vote on the Approval of a Charter Commission & Election of Charter Commission Members to Serve Thereon Download
6330 Ordinance Authorizing & Directing a vote on Approval of Charter Commission & Election of Charter Commission Members to Serve Download
6332 Ordinance Transfer Ordinance Download
1699-17 Ordinance Desiginating Andys Alley Download
6334 Bond Ordinance Download
6336 Ordinance Codifying Ordinances for the City of Williamsport Download
6337 Ordinance Increase Annual License Fee for City Mercantile Tax Download
6340 Ordinance 44th (2018) Community Development Block Download
6339 Ordinance Amending Article 333 of the City Code Mercantile License Tax Download
6337 Ordinance Licensing & Taxation Code & Replacing Hearing Officer Download

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