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Gabe Campana - Mayor of Williamsport Mayor Gabriel Campana

"Williamsport, a proud past,
a promising future."

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City of Williamsport
Williamsport City Hall
245 West Fourth Street
Williamsport, PA 17701


Williamsport Snow Removal

The Williamsport Streets Department employs a working supervisor, welder, mechanics, equipment operators, cement installer, dispatcher, sweeper operator, truck drivers, and laborer. The Department maintains 105 miles of streets and 50 miles of alleys. The Streets Department is responsible for:



Snow Removal and Rain Storms
The City policy is to clear major arterials, collector streets, bus routes and ambulance routes, then secondary streets and finally alleys. When the snow has stopped and all these areas are open, the City plows again, pushing snow to within one foot of the curb. Every effort is made to avoid placing the snow back on the sidewalks or closing off driveways; however, sometimes this is unavoidable because of the weight of the snow and the force of the plow truck pushing it. Your patience is appreciated. If possible, wait until the trucks complete their final run pushing back the snow, before clearing your property completely. It takes approximately 8 to 10 hours after a storm has stopped to open up the streets and plow-back in a city the size of Williamsport.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove snow and ice from the sidewalk and crosswalks. (City Ordinance Article #733.01.)
Tips for clearing snow from your property after a storm:

During heavy rains, it is the responsibility of the property owner to keep drainage areas such as catch basins and inlets open. This permits rapid discharge of water from rain or melting snow. If you find that the inside of a basin is full of debris, call 570-326-4684.

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