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The City of Williamsport was established and is governed by the provisions of the Optional Third Class City Charter Law under a “strong mayor” form of government. The mayor is the chief executive and administrative official and a city council, comprised of seven members who are elected at large, constitute the legislative branch. The mayor is primarily responsible for the proper administration of the city, creates the budget, and serves for a term of four years. City Council is primarily responsible for legislation and approving contracts, with each member serving a staggered term of four years.

The affairs of the city government are administered at the discretion of the mayor, through the fire and police departments, and the departments of administration, code enforcement, recreation and parks, and community development. Department heads and the chiefs of the fire and police departments are appointed by the mayor. The legal affairs of the city are overseen by the city solicitor.

The needs of the city are also served by the treasurer and controller, both of whom are elected officials and serve four-year terms. The primary responsibility of the city treasurer is to collect taxes and related revenues. The duty of the city controller is to ensure that all public expenditures are legitimate and warranted. Both serve as checks and balances for the city.

Bureau of Codes
The Bureau of Codes is responsible for inspections of rental properties, new businesses, new homes, building, and construction inspections, electrical inspections, all zoning ordinances, and property maintenance in the City of Williamsport.
Bureau of Fire

The Williamsport Bureau of Fire provides Fire, Rescue and EMS service to the City of Williamsport which also serves as the county seat for Lycoming County, PA.

Bureau of Police

The Williamsport Bureau of Police offers unique opportunities that many other departments in our area cannot offer, regardless of their size. Current specialty units within our department consist of the Police Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Vice Narcotics Unit, and Special Response Team.

Community & Economic Development
Find resources related to your trash and recycling needs and learn ways to keep Frisco environmentally friendly through community programs.
Finance Department
The Department of Finance performs all financial accounting functions for the City of Williamsport except for those reserved by law for the elected Controller.
City Hall

The Human Resource (HR) Department plays a strategic role in assisting our city departments foster a work environment that attracts, motivates, develops and inspires excellence in people so that the City is successful in its mission to our citizens.

Public Works

The Department of Public Works performs a multitude of tasks that are carried out during all four seasons. It is comprised of four departments: streets, parks, traffic control & flood control.

Recreation Department

The Recreation Department is responsible for several parks located throughout the City, including Brandon Park, Max M. Brown Memorial Park including BB&T Ballpark, Phillip E. Preziosi Park in Newberry, Lose School Park, Young’s Woods, Elm Park, and Shaw Place Park.

River Valley Transit
River Valley Transit is committed to “Getting You There!” and is proud to offer public transportation and several historic and tourist services. Whether you live in the Williamsport area or are visiting we welcome you to come aboard!
Treasurer & Tax Collector Office
The Williamsport Treasurer’s office is responsible for the tax collections of City and School Real Estate, Business Privilege, Mercantile, Amusement and Local Services Tax. This office also shares accounting responsibility with the Finance and Controller’s Office.
Williamsport Parking Authority
The Williamsport Parking Authority is a strategic partner in the City of Williamsport’s goal to provide organized, accessible and efficient parking for the Williamsport Central Business District.
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