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Please note: Any application that is able to be completed online still needs to be printed and delivered to the Bureau of Codes office located at 1500 W Third Street · Williamsport, PA 17701. If application requires payment, a check/money order will need to be delivered as well.

Inspection Checklist

The checklists include items commonly written up during the inspection process. The checklists provide general information and do not represent the full body of the applicable codes.

Download File
Form/Application Fee Online PDF
Banner Permit Application$15
Bonfire Permit Application$100
Building/Zoning Permit Application$30 - $141+
Contractor Registration Form$80 - $175
Demolition Permit Application-
Designation of Responsible Agent Application-
Dumpster Permit Application$15 - $125+
Entertainment Ordinance Permit Application$50 - $250
Fireworks & Explosives (Pyrotechnics) Retail Sale Permit Application$200
Food Vendor Application-
Homeowner Waiver Form-
Indemnification & Hold Harmless Agreement-
Mall Activity Permit Application$20
Minimum Use Driveway Application-
Mobile Food Vendor Application$250
Mulch Site User Permit Application$700
Non-Conforming Certificate Application-
Plumber Examination Application-
Pre-Occupancy Permit Application$90
Pyrotechnics Permit Application$200
Regulated Rental Unit License Application-
Road & Lane Closure for Utility Companies Permit Application$75 - $300+
Special Event Permit Application$50+
Street Tree Arborist License Application-
Sub-Contractor Information Sheet-
Temporary Pool Registration$60
Tent Permit Application$30
Variance/Special Exception Application$500
Zoning Activity Permit Application$20
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