Mulch Site User Permit Application

Prefer a paper copy?

Mulch Site User Permit Application mailto: Gary Knarr, Zoning Administrator
1500 West 3rd Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

Application fee

There is a $700 per calendar year fee associated with the Mulch Site User Permit Application. Please send in payment (check/money order) after the application has been submitted. See Fee Schedule for more information.

    Permit Information


    Compliance Information

    • Accepted materials include Leaves, Shrubbery & Tree Trimmings, Garden Residues, Tree Limbs max 12" in diameter, Christmas Trees, Loose Material Only.

    • Only materials generated & collected within the legal limits of the City Of Williamsport are accepted, required to show proof of origin.

    • No Plastic Bags, Pressure Treated Materials, Construction Debris, Pallets, Lumber, RR Ties, Grass Clippings, Tree Stumps, Dirt.

    • Additional rules as posted at the site.

    • To do work in the City of Williamsport you must be registered with the Attorney General's Office, Harrisburg, PA.

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