Fee Schedule

The City of Williamsport abides by all current International Code Standards, Codified Ordinances of the City of Williamsport, Third Class City Code, and by the Uniform Construction Code.

Please contact or visit the International Code Council (ICC) for more code-related information.

Building Permit Fees

Cost of Construction

Permit Fee

$0.00 – 999.99


$1,000 – 1,499.99


$1,500 – 2,499.99


$2,500 – 4,999.99


$5,000 – 9,999.99


Over $10,000: $141.00 plus $15.00 for each additional $1,000.

Add to the permit fee an additional $4.50 for the Act 45 Fee.

Contractor Registration Fees

Type of ContractorFee
Building Contractor

$80.00 (1 yr)

$120.00 (2 yrs)

$175.00 (3 yrs)

Electrical Contractor$80.00
Master Plumber$100.00
Journeyman Plumber$60.00
Apprentice Plumber$30.00
Tree Arborist$80.00
2-year Contractor Registration$120.00
3-year Contractor Registration$175.00

Planning & Zoning Permits

Zoning Book$100.00

Zoning Map


Zoning Permit$60.00


Special Exception


Conditional Use$200.00
Land Development$300.00

Storm Water Review


Final Plan Review$200.00 + $50.00 for each lot
Sketch Plan Review$125.00
Lot Consolidation$150.00
Liquor Transfer License$250.00
Street Vacation$200.00
Zoning Occupancy Permit


Sub-Division$250.00 + $50.00 for each lot

Other Licenses

License TypeFee
Restaurant License$80.00
Food Vendor License


Mobile Food Truck


Pole Permit


Street Cuts


Street Cut with Street Closure

See App.

Curb Cuts


Banner Permit


Sobriety House, Rooming House, & Student Residence

$60.00 plus $15.00 for each room

$500.00 cap

Other Permits

Permit TypeFee

Special Event Permit - This permit is defined as an event which requires at least ONE type of City service and has an attendance of 50 or more persons . Fee will be waived if event is city co-sponsored.


Special Event Permit - This permit which consists of multi events throughout the year - A minimum of 6 events in that calendar year.


Mall Permit$20.00
Dumpster Permit

See App.

Tent Permit$30.00

Zoning Activity Permit


Sidewalk Permit$0.00
Driveway Permit$60.00
Street Tree Permit$10.00
Pyrotechnics Permit - Includes Fire Inspection$200.00
Peddlers/Solicitors License


Other Fees



Replacement License

Contractor, plumbers & tree arborist


Replacement Building Permits



$1.00 per page

Administrative Costs

per hour when applicable


College Letter Inspection

per EACH inspection


Non-Conforming Use Certificate


Building Code Appeal


ICC Prop. Main. Code Appeal


Sprinkler Plan Review

Based on total

cost of construction

Zoning, Building, Fire Occupancy


Reclassification of Amendment


Rental Property Inspections

$85.00 per building plus

$15.00 each addition

unit in building

Housing Board of Appeals


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