Housing Rehabilitation

The Office of Economic & Community Development offers various Home Rehabilitation & Repair Programs. These programs are described below or you can download a Brochure. To apply for a program you can complete and submit the Housing Rehabilitation Application or call the Community & Economic Development office at (570) 327-7514

Remember these programs are limited to the City of Williamsport. Also, all programs have income limits and many programs have waiting lists. Income is gross income for all persons residing in the household.

Handicapped Accessibility Home Improvement Program

We offer a grant for Home Accessibility Improvements to residential properties within the City of Williamsport, that are occupied by low to moderate income households with persons having disabling conditions. Work items covered under this program include Railings, Ramps, Door Way Adjustments, Bath Room modifications and more. A maximum of $5,000 is available to eligible applicants. HUD household income limits apply and a wait list is maintained. Complete the form below, or call our office at (570) 327-7514 to check your eligibility or add your name to the Accessibility Waiting List. You may also submit a request by completing the short form on this page. For more information please visit “What Can I Expect-Accessibility Program?

Owner-Occupied Single-Family Rehabilitation

Do you own your home and does your home need repairs?  This program helps repair owner occupied, single family homes (doubles and duplexes MAY qualify under some situations) located within Williamsport’s City limits. Grants and very low interest or deferred repayment loans are available to qualified households. There are income limits. The amount of grant or loan funding you receive is based upon your gross family or household income.

Under this program your home must be brought to MINIMUM current Code, Rehabilitation and Safety Standards. Common work items are electrical up dates, roofing, spouting, sidewalks, smoke alarms, insulation, plumbing, flooring, and window replacement. All city residential property owners are encouraged to apply. Make sure your home is safe!

Please complete the form below or call our office at (570) 327-7513 to add you name to the Owner Occupied Single Family Waiting List or ask questions about the program requirements.  For more information read “What Can I Expect – Owner-Occupied Housing Rehab Program Expectations?

Residential Rental Rehabilitation

If you own a Williamsport rental property you may qualify for the PHARE Rental Rehabilitation Program.

The actual amount of funding depends upon the number of units in the building and the rehabilitation needs. PHARE funds are provided a a 0% interest, 10 year forgiveness grant. The program requires a minimum 15% property owner funding participation. Unit rents must meet affordability limits and be primarily occupied by lower income tenants. (Income limits for the PHARE Tenants are not the same as those posted on this page. Please contact us for more information)

Contact our office for verification, affordability requirements and tenant income targets. All code, safety and weatherization items are eligible under this program.

Historic Properties PHARE Residential Rehabilitation Program

(City Wide for Listed property only) Call to check inclusion on Historic Property Sites List or within the City Historic District. PHARE funds are provided a a 0% interest, 10 year forgiveness grant. The program requires a minimum 15% property owner funding participation and has opportunities for both owner occupant and tenant occupied property. Income targets apply.

Complete the form to apply for the Rental Rehabilitation Waiting List or Historic Property Program, or call our office at (570) 327-7514.

CONTRACTOR OPPORTUNITIES! Any Contractor wishing to bid on housing rehabilitation work through these programs must meet required standards. To be on our Contractor’s List, complete and return a Contractors Application for Home Rehab Programs, and provide required supporting documentation. Your information will be reviewed and, if acceptable, you will be placed on our list.

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