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Sealed proposals will be received electronically via PennBid until April 16, 2021 at 1pm for the City of Williamsport – City Hall ADA Ramp.  The project is currently live on PennBid to potential bidders.  The project is located at Williamsport City Hall, 245 West 4th Street, Williamsport, PA.

The project is for the installation of a pre-cast concrete ADA accessible handicap ramp, on the north entrance (Fourth Street Side) of Williamsport City Hall.  Conceptual plans for this project are available on PennBid.  The project delivery will be Design-Build.  Meaning, the awarded contractor will be required to secure the services of a licensed engineer or architect (in Pennsylvania) whom will be required to provide signed and sealed as-built drawings of the subject ramp to the City, upon completion of the project.  The project drawings included within this advertisement may be reused.  A clean, non-marked up version can be provided, if desired.

At this time, a pre-bid meeting is not anticipated.  The built-in questions and answers within the PennBid will be utilized to the maximum extent possible.  If a pre-bid meeting becomes required, a general notification will be sent out to all bidders watching the project.

Please note that the project, as advertised, must be completed by November 5, 2021.  Liquidated damages may be assessed if the project is not complete by this date.

Link to the full project, on PennBid:

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